Apr 4, 2010


Spring to you. We have had great weather which has put everyone in great moods.

Miss Bun is enjoying the season

while I continue to enjoy what she's bringing along in the basket!
This is about three feet from my upper back deck. A MONTH ago, these were bare branches with snow. Amazing how they just keep coming back every year...

Went to a wonderful event with plenty o’ steampunk shenanigans -- including real Victorian Easter Egg Hunts complete with egg races with spoons on the lawn. Steampunk is a lot of fun but as T says, "sticking a gear in it and wearing funny round glasses doesn't make it steampunk". We saw quite a few aficianados like us who are into this fun phenomenon.
This guy came all the way from TAMPA to join in the fun.


Mrs. Cynthia McCloud, local author and lecturer and she makes a good cup of tea, too! Managed to get to a meet and greet she was sponsoring for a big steampunk convention. It was just nice to sit and chat.
I hope you enjoyed a few of the photos I managed to snap while getting (Steam) Punk’d. Say, guess who came for a visit when I returned to the Classic City?
Tune in this week for some ART Shenanigans.
Hasta la pasta!


Sarah said...

Amazing costumes! Happy Spring to you too!

dosfishes said...

Fab costumes and love spoon races. Sounds like quite the event!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candy! Can you believe I'd never heard of "Steampunk" before this year? I know...where have I been living, right??? These steampunkers look great in their outfits! Sounded like a great time! ;) Paulette

femminismo said...

Who, who, who? Who did you see when you got back? And we are experiencing the magic of the unfurling leaves too. Isn't it just thrilling to see life go on like this?! (love the Steampunk getups.) Owe you lots of thanks for all your visits. This must be a busy time of the year for both of us.

Mimi Hollace Green said...

I cannot WAIT to see you tomorrow afternoon and had a wonderful time visiting with you Sunday. Me and Mine will be seeing you and yours so very soon!


Mimi Hollace Green

Linda B said...

Just found your blog. Looks like alot of fun and diversity! I'll be following you.