Apr 25, 2010

Changing Our Spots

First Look....
Can the leopard change her spots?

Meet Kat Fish. Her two photos show a bit of the work put in her. She's about a foot long.

Yes, as Kitten said, her name is perhaps a little corny but there IS such a creature as a Leopard Fish. So I’ve made the Leopard Fish my first merdoll. And just wait till I do my Lion Fish Merman. Dreadlocks you will not believe. Here she is stuffed almost totally and I am showing what I used to work on her. I put the denim and leopard fabric on felt... 4 sheets/$1 at HL... and glued the leopard skin onto the denim.

Kitten’s doll was quite the winner! We bugged Hobby Lobby for a while, looking at what else could be up re: the doll’s custom wear. This is a first glimpse. Neither of us have what I’d call “finished” works. But I do love this "mod" look Kitten's Long Tall Sally is sporting.

Alas, I did not even get started well on mine until we had Art Shenanigans over. Wild weather plus work, to be exact, plus T had a very rough evening and day healthwise and is still not up to snuff. Errands all day by myself on Sunday do NOT count as a day off.

Not to complain, however! Art Shenanigans is fun, no matter what! PLUS, I learned a new stitch, called the blanket stitch, and got some fun sites to look at as well, including one of my favourites -- which you can check out here. (I have it as Doll, under My Blog List.)

Mimi Kirchner is just fantastic in her work and all around daily philosophy. And I do love her fishies! Being a water sign, I guess I would.

Have a great week, everyone! Say, and what are you reflecting on??? Speaking of which, check out all those reflecting lights around those girls!
Take good care.


femminismo said...

These are quite the dollies! Never would have thought of leopard skin wear for a mermaid, but isn't that the genius of other minds? They think of things that inspire us. I really admire K's long legged doll. And the houndstooth. Very mod. Hope your work slows down, everyone gets well, and art shenanigans happen soon. Take care! I'm still concentrating on my little packet books. I'm going to try and post a pic tonight.

dosfishes said...

Leopard fish, eh! Time for a full size costume with sequins, can you make a steampunk mermaid? Swim on Candace...


Candace said...

What a terrific idea... a steampunk mermaid. Ha!

Well, Jeanne, while I don't know about the "genius of other minds", I do know about plays on words and such. I just couldn't resist the cat fish, which became the leopard fish...
Take care, Peeps! Thanks for your visits and kind words.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love your leopard merdoll! :-)

冠伶 said...
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Sarah said...

Love your Kat fish merdoll Candace! Her outfit is very snazzy. It is my favourite part of doll making-the clothes. Such fun! Kitten's is looking good too. Hope T is feeling better now!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace!

First, I hope T is feeling herself again. Not fun being sick AT ALL!

I love how your merdoll is looking...that leopard print is so way cool! You've got such a great imagination!!! Kitten's doll is great also...must have been hard stuffing those thin limbs! I can't wait to see them both finished!

Keep having fun and doing what you love!

xo Paulette