Apr 22, 2010

Earth Angels

Of course, you know her. Considered the most famous of paintings, this considered beauty is actually eclipsed by another on several lists.

Yet, almost everyone on our planet knows who she is. Her reputation precedes her. Nat King Cole sang a song about her. There’s a movie with her name, a British film about a mysterious woman who brings a man to ruin… of course. (What else are mysterious women good for, if not that? Yawn…)

And then there is “Flaming June”. My most favourite of Victorian paintings could not be sold, even for a mere pittance -- $160.00 (!!!) -- in the Swinging Sixties. The style had fallen out of favour so no one wanted her or anything like her. She now resides in the Ponce Museum of Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As they say: Priceless.

I saw her up close and personal when I visited my brother and s-i-l a few years ago. She’s considered THE painting of Puerto Rico. I think she should be considered for the painting of Earth Herself.

And say, I wonder who sings about this little earth angel?
Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens.


femminismo said...

Lovely butterfly! And that suit Nat is wearing could compete with it - or they could coordinate. I love his voice. I heard on NPR that Frank Sinatra used to play Nat at home to relax. Like your sections of beautiful ladies. That orangey colored gown is sumptuous. Man, I would lose weight to wear that!

dosfishes said...

Those blue and black butterflues are so amazing. We have them too! Mysterious women indeed!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Candy! I think Flaming June is much prettier than Mona Lisa. I never really was a Mona Lisa fan...or really got what the big deal over her was. Your little butterfly is prettier than both!
Hope all is well Sweetie. xo Paulette