Apr 11, 2010


Hello Everyone! I'm taking Sunday as an opportunity to reflect on this past week, month, whatever... and using it as a springboard for some fun shots like the ones below.

Like, the April Art Tree in the living room window at the opposite end of the house..

And then another photo, where I zoomed in and just as I snapped the shot, I coughed.

(I think I like this one better, though ... )

And my little birdhouse waits patiently for its transformation, reflecting on the piano Miss Jeanne left with me before moving to Merrie Olde. Hopefully there will be another visit with her soon....

Kitten came over Friday for some fun, a catch up and a gabfest. I finished up the April Hat... say, dig the antenna on the old bug here. Ha, it's actually the handles from a used but still brightly coloured Old Navy bag.

We also made a quick run to Michael's to pop it up a bit more with fabric flowers for extra texture and colour. The little blocks of flowers and birds are from old Coldwater Creek catalogs. The tiny butterfly is Compliments of Kitten.

And speaking of extra, those flowers not used on the "hat", made it onto the April Tree ... more than A Rites of Spring Tree, believe me. Hope you enjoy some of the shots I took.

I love the colours this season especially. Such lush pinks and scandalously bright yellows and those blues just won't sit down and behave! The little bird in the center of the next photo is actually on the cover of an egg shaped box... I might have to fill up THAT particular goody and let it fly away to a friend in need of good cheer.

BUT it's already time to starting thinking past April Showers (we've had one in 11 days so far) and get crackin' on those May Flowers for the Merry Month of May Day Tree.

What are YOU reflecting on as the new week rolls up?

Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens!


dosfishes said...

Love the hat and the "cough" photo. I'm reflecting on the thought that my life will be calmer this week.



femminismo said...

What a wonderful idea to have an April tree, with such sweet decorations. The bird ornament is adorable! I love birds so much. Thank you so much for visiting my prayer place. I didn't know I was going to keep on doing this, but then started anyway. Everything you said about the sculptor was just so lovely. I do believe there must be some strong woman somewhere building us our friends. I never thought I would have a pen pal from such a classic place as Athens! Do you have an British accent? It's just the way you spell words in that style sometimes (favourite) that makes me ask. (maybe I've imagined that last part) Well, to bed with me. Have lots more adventures with your hat making. And I can't wait to see what sort of birds your little house draws in.

Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
Sounds as if you had fun with Kitten. Your hat is lovely! I like the April tree too-I have white and sparkly branches up that I add little things to now and again. April's thing was a littel bunny. I don't know what May's will be-maybe some blossom!
I like the cough photo too! And yes-do come over in the Spring!

beedeebabee♥ said...

I love your hat! How whimsical is that?!!! You sure do know how to have fun, Miss Candance!...Your April tree is a beauty, filled with your adorable goodies!... Your cough produced a very cool squizzel! Have a great week, Sweetie! xo Paulette

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love taking pictures of lights at night and moving the camera during the snap. Makes interesting photos! Love your crown! :-)