Apr 18, 2010

More Fun With Reflections

Hello everyone!

After a furiously fast and busy Saturday, I was ready for Sunday Reflections and found a fun subject with glassware at The Royal Peasant, my local pub, while T shopped at Earthfare.

My own happy glass of Blackthorn cider… giving me pause to reflect on the past week, as well as "drowning my sorrows" over losing glasses of a very different sort. Yep. I sure did. My prescription glasses are gone, baby, gone -- somewhere between the door and the car. A time portal nabbed them, no doubt.

But all is not doom and gloom in the Classic City. Earlier today, while visiting Athens Antiques, I found this beauty still there. I first saw her sitting all by her lonesome last summer. Never did I think she would still be waiting for someone to claim her, name her and take her away…

But there she was and away her carefully packaged self went, home to 235, keeping company with a couple of cigar box treasures.

Just look at Romeo y Juliet. That's artwork, isn't it? And the wood is perfect.

Below is a shot of the teacup and saucer T had to have. (Almost as bad as I am.)

A trio of very old dolls I named The Gleesome Threesome… and yes, of course, they’ve seen better days, but think about it.
Haven’t we all?

And now, The Shape of Things To Come -- no, not the movie! Some templates Kitten gave me on her last visit. She is such a great friend to me. We have a good bond, especially over art and life in general. But say, I wonder what she’s hinting at this time?

I already have bits and pieces started up. Colours have been chosen. Fabrics are in place. I hope to have three of these li'l darlings finished this time next week -- one, a plain old Lovely Lady (okay, I guess if you have a fish tail you can't be too plain); the second, a hinged piece; and the third, a multimedia darling.

Take good care!


femminismo said...

I had a framboise beer last night and a Guinness the night before. Your beer looks good too. Seems to be a lot of unwinding going on. My gosh life is busy, isn't it? Your doll is a "doll," and T's teacup and saucer and lovely. The threesome have seen better days, but you're right about how all of us have. Are you making a mermaid? How wonderful! I am working on my little books and they are fun, but making a mermaid would be really something. Well, one thing at a time. One day at a time. Hope Monday is good to you and the week - the whole week - is long and pleasant. - Jeanne

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candy!

You lost your glasses, oh no! Hope you have a good old back up pair that still work! I also hope the pair you lost suddenly pop up out of the blue. ;)...Love your pretty china head doll and T's teacup is really beautiful...so are those other three girlies. Something about old messed up dolls I find very charming. I guess as I become more and more old and messed up, I can really relate! Can't wait to see your mermaids!
xo Paulette

Candace said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jeanne. Yummo on the framboise beer. Was it a Lambic? Those are exceptional.

A Merdoll Lovely Lady is on her way to being finished tonight, as a matter of fact. how relaxing...

And thanks, Paulette, for your visit! I doubt those glasses will be found but I do have a backup pair. Now I look just like Michael Caine sans curls.

Take care!

Mimi Hollace Green said...
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Mimi Hollace Green said...

Hey Hey!

Are these the same glasses you lost the Sunday I visited and found again as we were leaving?

I'm calling you out and I'm challenging you to a Doll Duel.

Fabric Doll Duel. You've been Called out. We will stand back to back, take 10 paces and then turn and present dolls.

Are you game?

The Gauntlet is thrown.

your very own Kitten Girl aka, Mimi Hollace Green, aka, Mimi the Cat,

Candace said...

Yes indeed. Now you know why I don't (typically) go to Walmart. That's the last place they were seen.

The Mimi Hollace Green Challenge is accepted with humility and hijinks! This is going to be lots of fun!

Candace, aka Miss Lady

Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
I love that term animalympics! It is so apt. That doll is lovely-funnily I have just been looking at Deirdra Doan's blog-you should have a look-she has made some 1800s inspired dolls and visited a doll maker called Christine LeFever who makes beautiful 1800s dolls. I am so glad yours was still waiting for you there. Shame about your glasses-they may turn up yet you never know!


Mimi Hollace Green said...


I am delighted to read that you have accepted the spring doll challenge of 2010. The guidelines for that challenge are as follows...

1. The doll must be made of fabric, but she can be adorned with anything.

2. The budget for this challenge is 5.00 for the doll body, adornments, and stuffy bits.

3. Use of items you already have lying about is not only allowed but encouraged. These items do not count toward your budget.

4. Doll may take any form from hyper realistic to pure imaginative fantasy.

5. Fun must be had. No frustration is allowed.

6. No do-overs. Work with what you've made. Once assembly has started, the doll may not be scrapped. (how would you feel if someone scrapped you because you were just a little lopsided?)

I look forward to tea and a duel at a time of your choosing.

Love, Trust, and Fairy Dust,

Mimi Hollace Green.

dosfishes said...

Sounds like you have a good pub. And treasure for sure, soon you will have something swimming about no doubt fellow fish!

Southern Girl said...

So that's where you're hanging out!!! :) I was driving up and down Boulevard and Hill Street last week looking at Athens Summer Subleases. :) (Tis the season!) I had a wonderful lunch at Five Star Day Cafe, but maybe I'll stop by your pub next time around. :) Cheers, Jennifer