May 24, 2010

Adopted Goes Two Ways

Hello Everybody!
Remember that early March evening in 2008 when Chris and Misha let friends know that Devon was going to show up? He will be TWO this September.

And now, just look at him. Tempus fugit, for real! He has teeth. He's talking! And he is such a great little kid. I’ve adopted him as my Stand In Nephew/Baby. His shirt says “iPood”. (And yes, it was from me, if you doubted it! His adopted Aunt Candace is nothing if not off the chain.)

The Happy Family. We met at De Palma’s in downtown Athens for dinner. We had just seen each other for lunch at one of our most favourite of places – The Last Resort. So Saturday was a Double Bubble wad of pleasure. Devon was in excellent form the entire day, flirting with and charming the waitresses and other diners.

Work and other matters have kept me from creating and posting as much and as often as I like. That’s just the way it’s going these days. But earnings is winding down -- so I hope (ah, hope -- that most elusive and irritating of words and concepts) to be catching up, and will be back next week, sharing some creative bits with you for real. As it stands now, here are some very early sketches...

A detail of a piece called "Mr and Mrs Happy Together".


I hope to paint this one.

" I'll Have A Shirley Temple".

Until then, don’t forget Vanessa’s Mad Tea Party here. And Victorian Lady has a lovely inclusion as does Sarah in this copy of Art Doll Quarterly. And speaking of babies… ! Congrats, Mere! It’s always good to hear from friends and especially with news like hers.

Say, what's THIS? Well, it's my last ever (okay, okay, for a while) Sake Bomb. Two dollah! Into a glass of PBR Light, we sink the ubiquitous hot sake cup. And presto, change-o! A delight on a hot Southern afternoon, trust me.
And just why is it the last? Well, Peeps, I am on this new super duper medication regime (for a few weeks, nothing serious!) and that means NO al-kee-hall for a while. Sigh. Let us pray... ! No shellfish and now, no liquor. But a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

Now, if they tell me No Coffee, as My mom used to say, "I might as well curl up my toes."

Take care, everyone. Back in a few.


Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
I am glad you are back around, I had been wondering where you were. I love your choice of t-shirt for Devon! He looks like a sweetie! I hope all is well with you re: the medication. As I read that part I was thinking I hope not coffee too-and then that's what you wrote!
I like the new art-interesting snippets of what is to come. Thanks for the mention too!
I hope you get lots of creative time over the next few weeks.
Sarah x

dosfishes said...

You are too funny. I instantly thought you bought the shirt. What a cut kiddo. Never give up coffee, resist at all costs! Big boned woman, love it! xox Corrine

femminismo said...

Everything about this page is super. Love the illustrations. The Shirley Temple doesn't look like your usual people. I would like to see that one painted. The hat is a cute one. And speaking of cute ones, Devon is darling. What cheeks and flirty eyes. I doubt I would ever be able to keep up with you when drinking those sake bombs, since red wine (1/2 glass) is about my limit. But I do get really, really funny! Glad you're back. Our schedules must be similar. I haven't had the time/energy to post much either.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Devon is a cutie! Love your "masque" drawing! :-)

韋于倫成 said...
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韋于倫成 said...
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femminismo said...

Just wanted to say hi. I've been so lazy lately. I hope you are doing OK and staying creative. - J.

Victorian Lady said...

Aw, Candace...thank you!! Too funny when I read it at first I was like, who's that? Then I put my mouse over it and it was me! What a fun surprise! Thank you!

Love your drawings! I've been in the same boat about being pulled away- set aside 10 minutes a deserve it! :)



名青 said...
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Beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace! Gee, I hope you're alright. You've been gone a while...but who am I to say anything, I disappeared for a month! Your little Devon is adorable, and I like his shirt! Great drawings Candy. I love Shirley Temple! Hope you can get some rest and feel all better soon.
Missed you! xo Paulette