Jul 7, 2010

Lovely Lady Brigade


Here's a lovely lady (Victorian, it seems) who will be made of (mostly) paper... WIP. I'm making a series of them for this year. Who knows, they may wind up on my Art Tree! They might end up in a magazine. (oh do tell! But first, cross your fingers.) I hope to place her against a little 3-D steampunkery for fun.

These Lovely Ladies are small and sweet, and some are for folks in and around my life -- all of them, too, "just as sweet as pie", as we say in the Deep South.

Speaking of the Deep South, I am thinking of Denise (So. Africa), whose mother needs our very kindest thoughts... as does she. Go say hello, won't you? You may blame all the tomfoolery on me. And I am thinking of all you Yanks who may be caught up in the Sun's mighty fierce heatwave this year.

Take care, everyone, wherever you are.

Candace, Still in Athens.

1 comment:

dosfishes said...

I guess us yanks are getting your weather for a change.
It's bloody humid here. I am hiding in my basement studio/office with a fan and several canine companions lying on the cool cool floor. Watermelon and ice tea!
I would like to see your steampunk 3-d with your ladies, lookin good Candace! Magazines? Hope so for you. xox Corrine