Jul 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

My Art Tree for the month of July reflects the ol' Red, White and Blue right down to the flowers (all reds, whites and blues) as well as the Barbies -- in variations on those same colours. Oh, okay, one of the Barbies is in a tuxedo... that's another story for another time.

Hello Everyone!

Isn't it funny how this trio of colour runs so deep for so many? Not just for us Yanks but our "cousins" across The Pond with their Union Jack -- and farther on, Viva la France! Same colours. The British colonies of New Zealand and Australia, countries in their own right, show the triage as well as the stars and stripes.

Long may they wave.

And here's the Red, White and Blue Trifle I made for today's holiday bash... YUMMO. Folks gobbled it right up.
See you next week, Peeps! I'm having a Hot Fun in the Summertime Art Shenanigan Day with Kitten. Whew... finally our paths cross again. And it's always a blessing, believe me.

Take care.
Candace, Still in Athens.


佳宣佳宣 said...
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dosfishes said...

You are too funny - Barbie in a tux, what about Barbie in steam punk!!!! and a steampunk tux too!!!! Enjoy your shenanigans. xox Corrine

Candace said...

Corrine, you read my mind! lol. Barbie IS going to go to Steampunk University, well, one of her anyway... I have about 30 old ones snapped up in a yard sale for fun and shenanigans.
Have a great week!

Beedeebabee said...

Hope you had a fun 4th, Candace!

Great holiday tree! I have one that I keep out, but I keep forgetting to change it up for the different holidays! ;)

Your dessert looked sooo delicious...I'm sure that lasted just about half a nano second!

Have fun with Kitten. It's always fun to see what you two create!

Have a great week sweetie!

xo Paulette

Sarah said...

The trifle looks delicious! Hope you had a fun day!

Linda said...

Hi, Stopping by for a visit...i will be back too. Love your art work. Very creative. Thank you for your comments. I had a great time at your Tea Party also.