Apr 1, 2008

April Fools

-- are everywhere. Well, it's finally happened. My company has swallowed up Reuters like the dragon swallowing the sun. Or the snake that swallows up its own tail... and that's no April Fool Day, either.

Had an interesting weekend in every sense of the Chinese curse. It was good to see all but also good to come back. My niece Diana, as always, was lovely to be with, too. Getting to see her plus Jon and BC was simply the icing on the cake as someone said. Jon's new house looks great. It's an OLD 1913 house with all the original everything -- like the wooden floors -- and is really quite gorgeous. I will try to post a photo here very soon.

If I'd seen Leon, it would've been a perfect weekend in Palmettoland. And if Sophie (the darling in the photo) had been in with her humans instead of San Juan, PR, it would have been really perfect. This dog is more well travelled than most of the people I know exc for her humans (read: my brother and s-i-l). She's 12 now and is slowing down. Everyone I know is crazy about her. She's why people love dogs.
Am reading "A History of the End of the World." Raised in an extraordinarily millennialism evangelical fundamental household, The Apocalypse was a very, very, unimaginably very real thing to me. As Sarah Vowell said, "I needed more Seven Dwarves and less Seven Seals."
However, it has given me an idea for a series of little paintings, etc. So, it can't be all bad, can it?


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