Apr 2, 2008

Bringing the flowers that bloom in May

The happy couple to your right, there. My nephew, Jonathan, and his blushing fiancee, Brooke. The happy event will happen Memorial Day weekend in Edisto Island, SC. Can't wait to take that road trip! A five hour drive but worth it. I was able to spend some real face-time with Brooke and J this past weekend... oh yes, we were stuck at Red Lobster for TWO hours. Just our luck that there's an unruly, inebriated diner in our section. Whew! We decided to do Olive Garden from now on.

They have bought a 1913 house in an area that is just now being up-and-comingly renovated/gentrified. Nice! Maybe photos of that in the future as well.

As well as photos of the artwork!

More intense jaw pain today. Nothing seemed to help and I really can't take any painkillers right now. Well, it helps me focus on the artwork, if that makes sense. It's almost like drawing rows of flowers and bees and spirally green ferny things takes me away and out of the pain... oh, that and a couple of slugs of 110 proof whatsis. (I wish!)

Saw Joe and Teresa today at Fourbucks (aka Starbucks). They're looking well and the conversation was as subreferenced as ever. I keep promising them to give them a "tour" of my art. They've read a short story I did some time back for HardluckStories, entitled "Nice Tie". Joe writes also and it's great talking with him about this other creative discipline I hurl myself into on a fairly regular basis.

Have to go read Judy and the rest of my artklatsch blogs. Later.

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