Apr 4, 2008

Hello Again.

Well, it's that odd time of year when I start stretching out again and trying and doing and wishing and dreaming new stuff. Yes, Spring has indeed sprung altho we've had oddball weather in the Sunny South. And whoever coined THAT term needs his bottom kicked about! Very warm and sunny and then cold and dreary.

It makes me a little weepy sometimes, these ups and downs, worrying about my art and/or writing and its myriad fits and starts. Seeing or not seeing the parent(s), seeing the niece grown and watching her own daughter readying for marriage, seeing a sibling hale and hearty not so hale and hearty, being in the presence of an in-law that is sheer happiness for the innate serenity and kindness that abounds. And missing a good good friend, but then giggling over her MySpace...

I found this once before and now, lo! it is on Nina Bagley's website.

For Loneliness

When the light lessens,
Causing colors to lose their courage,
And your eyes fix on the empty distance
That can open on either side
Of the sunset line
To make all that is
Familiar and near
Seem suddenly foreign,

When the music of talk
Breaks apart the noise
and you hear your heart louden
while the voices around you
slow down to leaden echoes
turning the silence
into something stony and cold,

When the old ghosts come back
to feed on everywhere you felt sure,
do not strengthen their hunger
by choosing to fear;
Rather, decide to call on your heart
that it may grow clear and free
to welcome home your emptiness
that it may cleanse you
like the clearest air
you could ever breathe.

Allow all your loneliness time
to dissolve the shell of dross
that had closed around you;
choose in this severe silence
to hear the one true voice
your rushed life fears;
cradle yourself like a child
learning to trust what emerges,
so that gradually
you may come to know
that deep in that black hole
you will find that blue flower
that holds the mystical light
which will illuminate in you
the glimmer of springtime.

John O'Donohue

Amen, Sisters and Brothers!

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