Apr 4, 2008

TGIF Fer Sure

That's us again, in San Juan. T on the left, hiding behind Hermanos and Self on the right, hanging onto "Hermanos" near the Modern Museum in San Juan, PR. Then at the end of the next to last day... life is good, sing polly wolly doodle all the day. Sorry you can't see us, really. Adds to the alleged mystique of Les Artistes! Bahahaha....

But today, TODAY, in Athens GA., after a higgledy piggledy day, I am up and out, meeting Tony and Faye at the Globe, one of Athens' premier bars (more like a pub with pub food, trust me!). They even have fish and chips. lol... Miss T was ecstatic.

A sweeping, stormy storm while we all sit inside, watching it from our cosy chairs in the wood and brick Bar. Carlton and then his partner, Donald -- whom I know, the world is *small*! -- Cindy and Loretta. Tony and I drink and discuss work, stories, Miss Jeanne's London Life and MySpace, while Tia gets to know the "Boys". Donald and I have a special passcode. It's "Diana Vreeland"!!! LOL. AKA, "Pink is the navy blue of India", another astute observation by Her Highness. And that Tony... such a softy about little Bella! Well, I am the same way about Molly Brown and Bess.

We just had a lovely, lovely time and you can TOO have a Bloody Mary without ice. So there.

Tonight, packing up boxes and putting them in the basement as Stanley Steemer comes by tomorrow. Watching "Numbers" as I drink coffee and relax for a bit, Tia studying for her big papers. She SOOO helped me with my tax return. And I actually am getting a tax return.

Claud stopped by today during lunch for about an hour. We had coffee and a bit of a gossip. She looked positively luminous with that white, white skin and those snapping blue eyes. The red hair sets it all off, seriously. It's like seeing the Archetypal Faerie Queen up close and personal.

Starbucks at 11AM Saturday and then home to actually do some WORK. Artwise, that is... look for photos of that and not just vacation pix.



Zololkis said...

See Please Here

Candace said...

I have come to realize that if you see an oddball name and all it says is please see here... DO NOT GO THERE. Trust me.