May 13, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Oh how I love this suncatcher I received from Joe and Pita. It's hanging up in my LR window and is a constant source of not only color but complete happiness. So unexpected and so perfect. I once worked in glass art; and I do love it still. But it's not what I am up to now.

This cardboard piece is called "The Least of My Brethren" and is one of the largest I had done when I started working again in a more primitive, "get out of the box" style when I know I had to go back to art -- or just lay down and curl up my toes. The quote is an admonition that no matter what one's belief system, it's one most people can relate to and understand. The cat was the original bad boy of the world ginger we had and boy, was he loved. And do I ever miss him, oddly enough as he not only was not mine, really, but he barely tolerated my being in the same county as himself, let alone the same room.

At that time all I worked with was a bucket of color markers, crayons and coloured pencils. And pens of course. Oh yeah and cardboard or just plain old paper! LOL. I still do a lot of my first drafts and sketches with the pens and/or coloured pencils. This piece one is completely flat, with none of the usual dimension, or texture. That's for later. Yes, this one is being revisited.

Speaking of revisiting, the black and white pictured here is being worked on now. You will definitely get to see it in all its glory in about a week or so. No name yet... and sorry, I cut the top of her carrot "halo" off a bit. She's sitting on a tree stump, of course, holding a rabbit. (Rabbits are a favourite subject matter as are foxes and the orange cats. And birds. Oh no, let's not forget those little darlings.) Her name: Our Lady of The Lagomorphs.

Later, Candace


cynhammond said...

Are you sure that shouldn't be our Lady of the legoblocks....JK.
I like the suncatcher too. The cardboard picture is cool. That would look good on a pillow.


Candace said...

A pillow... what a good idea! Thanks for your comments, too.