May 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

The photos I am sharing are a friend's very gorgeous airbrush of Hera. You've possibly -- if not probably -- seen Lisa's work and don't know it. Go here.

I met Lisa when I worked at Crest Art Binders in Atlanta. It was like meeting a faerie from a Brian Froud book. Definitely talented, shy and self-effacing.

Also my favourite earrings. I made jewelry for a while and having these makes me want to do it again... all the time. I find it soothing and settling to make things like this. No, I did not make these. I wish!

Thank the Immortals the work week is over and I can get on with my real life again. Kitten will be here tomorrow and who knows what is going to happen??? I do know I am trying out some techniques found in a Somerset recently. There is a Hobby Lobby within 5 minutes of the Batcave as is a Michael's, as is a Barnes & Noble. So I picked up some fun canvases, two fer types, and replenished the gesso, and some of my paints. The Kinko's is a tad farther down the road here being 7 minutes away.

Kitten's bringing her camera and, of course, some very fun stuff. Yes, we are both sorely tired of -- as she put it so well -- "artisting alone". That's one of the things I have noticed around these parts, as I mentioned in the Craftstravaganzaa post, artists do tend to work alone, it's simply the nature of the beast. But everyone here seems so scattered geographically.

Now for the down news. Tickets for the London Trip are SOOOO outrageous right now, I am waiting for a "closer to" date. For one thing, altho oil/gas may not go down, tourism probably will. As a matter of fact, it's already being noted by friends in the industry. For another thing, I'm traveling in November, an "off season" for most Americans and their ilk. I know, I know taking a chance on those "last minute" deals can be a little horsey but I am sooo willing to ride!

One week from today is the trip to Edisto, SC for the big wedding deal. On the beach... what to wear besides a Mojito and a towel? Gee, if this was all I ever had to worry about, I'd be ahead of the rat race by far.

Later. Enjoy your weekend.



Jamie said...

Hi Candice,

Thanks for popping over for a visit. I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep so I poured through one of the new Somerset magazines. Always inspiring! Happy Arting with you friend. :-)

Jamie said...

+r ... Happy Arting with your friend. But you probably already knew what I meant.