May 11, 2008

The Door To CandyLand

This door goes to where??? When I moved here, it was just there. Seriously, so I made up this story that this is a door to a special place, an alternate universe where I can just go through undetected to wherever I need to be to have and get what I need and want and require. (That's a back view of Home.)

It's in my back yard, solidly just there. No explanation. Steve says it's always been here. I think it needs some decorations...

And Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are moms, grandmas, etc. It wasn't in the cards for me but as the Danish proverb goes: Life doesn't consist in holding a good hand of cards but in playing a poor hand well.
I was happy for the partial solo weekend. I had a good nap but then stayed up till 3 AM -- !!! -- working on a couple of projects for My and Kitten's art day coming up soon, sooner, soonest. There isn't a studio to speak of. How envious I am of those with "real" studios! Sigh...
The spoons (in one of my last year's "cloth paper scissors") will be finished Friday, as will the art journal and another project, a miniature shrine. I am making the shrine from scratch and am taking photos of the process for those who are interested or have any advice, etc.
Take care.

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thealteredpage said...

I love that this door is just there and I love even more the fact that you created a story about it. Thanks, too, for your comments on my blog. They are so very much appreciated.