May 18, 2008

Another Funday

Isn't it funny how you just click with a person? I have to say that Kitten and I behave like we've known each other for years in many ways. I learned so much today and of course didn't take nearly enough photos... with her permission, however... here are some photos of her working her own brand of magic re: ATCs, jewelry (tiny wooden tiles she turns into very lovely pieces!), and other wonderful things.

Kitten's main mantra is basically "I love to play." She loves miniatures and she loves experimenting. She's a real deal finder as well and has hipped me to some great things that I either had long forgotten about or wasn't aware of. So while we didn't have as long as we'd hoped to get together and play around with our art, we had a grand time of it and I learned a lot and just had a great time in general.

I'm going to finish some ATCs that Kitten started ("your mission, should you decide to accept it") and next time we will be working with copper coil! Fantastic! Now that I have some cool mineral powders (two great tastes that taste great together, to coin a phrase, as these beauties are useful for art AND for makeup), I "went to town", so to speak, and experimented heavily on a piece, starting with a photocopy of a photograph of yours truly.

The one I did is the shot here in black and white. I gessoed the back of the photo and the front of the canvas and then pressed the copy down, working the air pockets and bubbles out as I pressed it down and gessoed it all over yet again.

The effect was a bit garish at first when I painted it over with acrylics. ("WOW, that is really ORANGE!" -- Kitten) But I found that when I watered it down, it took a lot of that pancake makeup effect out.

It now looks like a retouched photograph that's been damaged or is so old that its colours are all separating. Now it simply looks ghoulish -- except for the butterfly ball I am working on around the figure. Well, that works for me, for now!

Did some fun work for an art journal I am starting called "WINGING IT..." using the metallic powders and the Liquid Glass. FUN! Sharing the opening bit of it here, as well. Sorry for that dark spot... there was a cat, you see...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



femminismo said...

The photo technique - colorizing, gessoing - it's too, too wonderful. I love you as queen. (I hope I was reading that right and it's a photo of you!) I have to come back when it's not 10 p.m. and reread how to do that. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have one more photo of ferns. Were you the person who liked ferns? Looks like you and Kitten had fun. Good deal! - Jeanne

Candace said...

Hi there, Jeanne.
Yes, I love ferns and spirals so much. We did have a good time. No one around to teach us, so Kitten and I are on our own. Sometimes, that and the tutorials we find online like Suziblutube are best. Yep, that's me.
I enjoy that Valley Art blog you have, too.

thealteredpage said...

Love the idea of a "winging it" journal and the image you started with is great. Hope we get to see more. Thanks too for visiting and leaving your comment on my blog.