May 19, 2008

Did you ever have

one of those days? I've had a couple of years like that now. Well, okay, I am exaggerating but only a little. This old line drawing (lots of spirals, eh?) shows how I feel today. Is it a letdown from the weekend? Always possible, altho being with friends is infinitely preferable to being with a load of paperwork, lol.
The art and the writing go slowly. I always feel I have so much new to learn and hands on is usually done alone, this weekend being an exception. I don't compare myself or my art to that of others, although the temptation is a definite pull. That simply drives people nutty. We are all so different, yet this love of art and beauty and nature always the commonality.
Yesterday, Sunday, was a busy day. A lot to do in less than a week's time. The wedding looms (less than a week, Saturday Jon is married!), the dog is on medications, friends coming and going and goodbyeing and helloing... and I am just wanting to lie down and have a little nap.
Work at a standstill because someone is not prepared on the other end.

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cynhammond said...

Naps are good. I need one now. No time, we are leaving in the morning. I read and enjoyed the artsy things....Cyn