May 10, 2008

Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa

Hello All!

On the way to downtown Athens for brunch I just HAPPENED to see a lot of stuff going on. This Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa was something I had not heard of and it was evidently tee-tiny last year. It was great and as it is only in its second year (Mother's Day AND Graduation weekend -- how crazed is that??? Artists! Sheesh!), you can actually meet and greet. One lovely artist, Ruth Allen, took me almost literally by the hand and introduced me to Serra Ferguson, the organizer and chief everything (she looks 15 if a day but I know that can't be true. Can it?). Lots of food and drinks (free) for a dollar donation and tons of fun, live music, sizzling art and wonderful people.

It was already viciously humid and hot but I met several folks and talked to a great gal from Atlanta named Sara Hindmore (I hope that's right), who also makes books, etc. We discussed her possibly coming to Athens sometime to hold a day long workshop on that and "other". I will keep everyone posted. I am so excited about this... like where have these folks been? Two or three artists said, "We are so scattered." Mmm... I should feel right at home then.
The poster was just a gorgeous little work of love. Unless I misunderstood, the tree is this very cool, happening art festival's Logo. Hopefully you can read all the fun goings on. T and I wanted to just kick ourselves that we hadn't known about this! But next year, there's going to be a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. I see a booth in my future...

The other photo, well, what can I say? I needed a nice place to hang up some roses while they dry so that I can do something with them other than just let them hang around the kitchen and take pictures of them. And the cats obviously didn't mind -- yeah, its a little dark. This camera is just like a computer or an Old Testament god... lots of rules and no mercy, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell.


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cj said...

Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa is a craft fair with a modern flair, bringing together regional artists, music and refreshments for a unique shopping experience in the vibrant downtown district.

We are seeking artists & makers of all persuasions for our 2008 Craftstravaganzaa Holiday Market. Quirky, raw & innovative arts are especially favored at Craftstravaganzaa. No imported or prefabricated goods will be shown; all wares are handmade by the artists.

The Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Holiday Market is tentatively set for Saturday, November 22, 2008. The Market will be held rain or shine from 10am-7pm in the parking lot on the corner of Clayton and Pulaski Streets, next door to Agora in downtown Athens.

Applications and flyers can be downloaded at our Forms page.

Please visit for more information.

tell your friends!!