Jun 30, 2008

Food For Thought

Just a suggestion....

And here we go, showing in a sequence of photos, Kitten with the happily chosen tile and her trusty dremel. Then, carefully, de-wooding (is that a word?) the tile, and afterwards, my holding it for scale reference and then later, my first coat of a golden mineral powder and Liquid Glass...

You have to be careful, or you'll scrub down waaaaay too far into the tile. It doesn't have to be totally bare.

She's a complete expert at this. I used sandpaper when she and I sat a spell and did some. She did, too. We also wore masks, just in case. That is fine, fine, superfine dust the tile gives off, whether you use a dremel or sandpaper.

The naked truth in my hand.

With its first coat of mineral powder (Michael's) and its first coat of Liquid Glass.

In a couple of days, I hope to treat everyone to a shot of the front of My First Altered Book. Like Dorothy, the small and the meek... but such a front cover!
We had a torrential downpour along with a crackin' good thunderstorm. We need all the rain we can get, believe me. Actually, I think we are doing okay for right now, better than last year at this time. Of course, I again was in Barnes & Noble when it hit, reading "Not Buying It" by Judith Levine. Great reading for those of you interested in being "citizens of this country instead of consumers". (a paraphrased quote)
Also had to pick up the current Bookmarks. The cover art is great and made me think of a couple of the artists on the blogs I've come to know and love. Also picked up a b'day card for friend Nic. July 1st -- what a coincidence. The same birthday as Kitten! That makes two of My favorites, easy to remember. Holy Moly, time flies whether you're having fun or not! I have to plant my tomatoes before it's too late!
Hasta la pasta!


femminismo said...

I'm gonna steal "Make art, not war" if you don't mind. It fits perfectly into my new blogging on Mugabe. jeanne

Candace said...

Absolutely. Let's get the word out and not just politically speaking. Daily deeds at home mean so much, no matter how small.
Big Hug,