Jul 1, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Always something going on around here. Playing a little hookey by taking off an hour or so early, and thought I would give you a quick peek at my upcoming book cover (finally decided upon) -- !!!

This is going to be on the cover of my first Altered Book, dedicated to Summer. The Sun. The Solstice. etc etc.

Should be fun.

Happy birthday shoutouts to Kitten and to Nic.



Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...


Thank you for your visit. I liked your blog.
My English is very bad.

Greetings from Uruguay

Candace said...

Porque? Your English is better than my Spanish/Portuguese! Gracias!

femminismo said...

I did love the end of "The Orphanage." It was perfect and, you're right, not frightening. Didn't it make you marvel - and wonder - at the depth of a mother's love? It made me wonder how far I would go as a mother to save my child. I should have put the screenwriter in too - Sergio G. Sánchez. Happy 3rd to you too! - Jeanne