Jul 9, 2008

The Catbird Seat

Hello everyone,

Don't you feel like you're in the catbird seat after a fun, relaxing and quite productive weekend? When all is said and done, that's exactly how I feel.

Whatever Tsar was up to re: the finches and cardinals outside his personal catbird seat, courtesy of T, I was busy with some real work on the Solstice Altered Book. Here are just a few photos. More later, when it's over. Of course, by the time I have it where I want it, it'll be Autumn, no doubt!

One of the first things in the book is this drawing I did. Okay, I didn't do the postage stamp, but ...

Another view... or is it angle? The second one is a little fuzzier, thanks to a light hitting the postage stamp (a little man running while carrying a big red heart. I love hearts and thought placing this on top of the one the girl is holding would be a nice touch.).

Part of the spread you will see below...

Not quite finished. Getting there... a nod to the colours of summer on this spread. Surf and sand and the brilliant colours of the sunrise and sunset. Flowers and birds, fruits and party colours.

Yes, Gentle Reader. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea... with all those hats and enjoying a nice cappucino.

Monday, T and I went into Atlanta for our respective dental appointments. We stopped by headquarters and managed to not only say Hello to co-worker and friend Jack, our Gleesom Threesome ended up going to possibly my most favourite of restaurants, "Little Szechuan" on Buford Highway. We dished dirt, talked shop and Jack told us about his flowers, etc. He has quite the green thumb, his forte being exotic plants, etc.

Mr. Kong Ku of "Little Szechuan" was so pleased to see T and me again (we've not been in a year!), he treated us all to a big dish of Spicy Crisp Green Beans. Yummy! Xie xie, Mr. Kong!

Life is good. Enjoy!

Later, Candace


Sharon said...

Lucky me that you found my blog. I have so enjoyed reading this whole first page of yours. Love your Pink Lady in the secret garden. You know one thing I love about her?....her hands. You gave her the greatest hands. And good luck with your altgered book. Looking good so far. I've done a few that you can see on my blog or easier yet my flicker. You inspire me to make and tiny "inchie" book. Now I wonder when I will get to it.

cynhammond said...

I like the pink lady and Tsar's view. I have been thinking--in my head--about doing a little book for the grands when I finish this job I have been working on. (My part will end in the next couple of days, unless I get to do some proofing on it.)
Really enjoying the book shots.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the drawing of the lady and what a great book you're making. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments