Jul 10, 2008

Viva La Vida!

Hello everyone,

A few bits to show you today, starting out with an altered image of Frida Kahlo that's going in my summer book.

Viva La Vida is the name of a song from the movie, Frida, by Julie Taymor... gorgeous visuals, gorgeous artwork... not for everyone, maybe, but I was a fan long before she was a pop culture icon -- around here anyway. Sigh... yes, I admit I was watching Jackie Chan on KungFu Theatre late Saturdays in Atlanta, too, when the movies had no subtitles and were in Chinese! LOL. Talk about being ahead of the pop culture curve!

This next bit will also be showing up in one of my journals/books.

Isn't she more than cute? (I have to say I never thought I would be one for cute but more on that below.) And this is from the inside of this economy-sized tote a good friend gave me on Sunday, seen below in all its glory.

The print reads: "Welcome to the Whaaa Whaaa Club!" On the blackboard is "Number 1 Rule, I RULE!" Good for a middle school drama teacher, I'm betting, which is what my friend is. The outside of the bag is good, too and I'll probably have to do something with it, also. The imagery is just too too too...!!!
While I do love the sublime, the beautiful, the ethereal and divine, I have to admit, I grew up in the shadow of the A-Bomb, Elvis Presley, and I Love Lucy. Coming of age in the late '60s, I still love and remember all the retro splendor and kitsch of the '50s and must occasionally pay tribute.

That wraps it up for today! And remember to get more of what you love.


Healing Expressions said...

HI Candace..I'd be honored to have you link my blog! What fun you will have with these cool images you found! Your journal pages inspired me today to get back to daily art journaling!
Take Good Care

Heather said...

So nice to meet you :) Lovely blog--- I love Frida too!~