Jul 4, 2008

A quiet and happy Fourth

Hello and I am hoping all of you are not having to comfort a quaking fearful dog as the fireworks begin... who would'a thunk an ex-racer would be afraid of what sounds like gunfire -- "and they're OFF!"? Live and learn, I always say...

Pink Lady was done in markers, crayons and coloured pencils. She's going in my art journal... or a copy of her is, to be specific. This one hangs in my "studio". Like "The Pinks", she was for sale once, but I could not -- NOT -- part with her. I felt and still do that she represented a part of myself that was just beginning to blossom... dig those flowers sprouting out of her little punkin head. So now she's "Display Only".

T and I went to visit Claud and eat veggie burgers, razzleberry pie and vanilla ice cream. We had a great time catching up with her and David.

T finally got to try out the chair in the arbor that Claud and David rebuilt. And believe me, that arbor is much bigger than it looks! You could have a formal tea party for six in there. Claud (L) is holding David's rescued Chihuahua, "Scooter". Spoiled rotten! He found this little lady abandoned at a farmhouse near where he was working. I mean, what the --? Of course, now she's perfectly fat and sassy and if there were any problems, she seems over them now. A real clown, that one.

Claud's home and land was/is so magical. You walk thru the landscape and find surprises everywhere like this elephant... a pig family... a pelican... a sweatlodge. There's 20 or more acres and they all have their own look and treasures.

Some red, white and blue for the table for this Sunday's shenanigans.

Have a great weekend! Kitten is over tomorrow and I'm sure we'll manage to get up to something. More on the Fourth on the Sixth... T and I managed to have a couple of roadtrip adventures we weren't expecting.


Southern Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by over at "Library Clocks." Looking over your blog reminded me how much I miss the "Classic City." I'll have to make my way back there before the summer ends! (: LOVE "Pink Lady" by the way!

femminismo said...

"Pink Lady" is fantastic! I do love the way the flowers have sprouted from her head. Very telling of your own creative process, indeed. And your friend has a rescued Chihuahua and my daughter has two. (The one with one eye in a former post is the baby.) The Mister was talking about sweat lodges when we camped over the 4th. I think he'll finish the outhouse first. Great to stop by and visit. Talk at you later - femminismo