Jul 13, 2008

It's A Good Thing I'm So Cute

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was a busy day with a round trip to and from SC and then installing new work stuff on the 'puter, as next week starts up "earnings" where I am. But I did want to show you guys one of the other fun little photos from that bag I will be using in my Old Man Winter Journal.

I think it's the blue cat that makes it for me, how about you?
I'll also be cannibalizing the image to use on one of my tiles to sell in an Art Fair coming up, if they'll have me... as well as possibly taking it a step further and altering it for a Holiday Card, at T's suggestion.
Kitten will be over today and we're going to have fun fun fun till her daddy takes her T'bird away... or until Don comes to pick her up, anyway.

1 comment:

seth said...

Great vintage image. I look forward to seeing your journal when it's done. Thank you so much too Candace for your wonderful comments on my blog. Much appreciated!