Jul 11, 2008

What The ..??? TGIF

Hello everyone.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Here is a fabulous, beautiful site http://artistlanikent.blogspot.com/

I want this lovely feast for the eyes and heart to join the others here but for some reason, I cannot get Lani's http to go into my Cool People, Cool Blogs roll -- is it me or is it hot in here?

Seriously, when I first laid my peepers on it, I felt like I had wandered by way of Nina B and Judy Wise and Sharon T into a type Faerieland...
Totally worth a look or two or five, etc.

I am getting out of Dodge tomorrow for a few hours, if not the day; but am already "off the clock" today. Hoorah!

Joe and Pita are back from the Great Semi-White North (i.e., above the Mason-Dixon Line) and T and I are going to go grab a coffee at Fourbucks with them in a couple of minutes. Now I know who to blame when I come up short when the Eagle flies!

Until then, Get more of what you love. And as you all know, I love an old orange cat.

Later, Candace

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