Jul 20, 2008

Sneak Peeks


From an upcoming Autumn Journal... I love her face and will alter it a bit for the Journal, of course. It's winsome and reflective like so many things are when seasons change. Of course, she's reading a book! That's what I do a lot in autumn and winter... curled up with a good fill in the blank, and cocoa, etc.

The twin fawns sleep 50 feet away from the house under a big water oak. Whenever we come in, we see their little heads pop up and they watch us, curious ... "Are You My Mother?" they seem to ask, like the old children's book.

Busy times at work since it's halfway thru the fiscal year for many many folks. I will post once a week at least, I promise. Have a great week.




Healing Expressions said...

What a cool journaling image...definately stirs up emotion! Thanks for your thoughtful words on my blog and I hope you'll stop by again and join in on my giveaway!

dogfaeriex5 said...

oh those sweet baby deer!! dontcha just love them...thank you for leaving comments on my blog and i am sorry it has taken so long to get over to your darling blog!!! i love your words....xo~