Aug 1, 2008

Rough Times, Good Times

Hello everyone!
So sorry these little photos are so tiny....
they are really quite dazzling. The first is titled
"Melody as Princess Mombi", from
the movie, Return to Oz. Melody, here,
won a Master Achievement award.
This second one is titled
"Melody as Morpheus"
from The Sandman Comix. It is not
a faded photo. The costume is in tones
of grey, white and black. I believe Melody
won the Master Recreation Award at WorldCon
for this one.

And the story is below...

Yes, it's been rough times at work, but even rougher elsewhere in my life. Went to see The Dark Knight, being the true SF geek girl that I am... and T and I thought, "wow, wouldn't Melody love this movie?" She is such a JOKER fan, she made, wore and won awards for her JOKER costume among many others. That's her to the right, by the way.

When we were all spring chickens, not so long ago, T, Melody and I traveled thru high and low places to fun events, conventions, parties, etc., in and out of costumes and hijinks, all over the country. Melody's true artform was recreating costumes, as T and my art is writing and some of what you see here on this blog.

But the real joke was when I Googled her to get in touch. It had been too long and besides, we had had a tiff which she hadn't gotten over. Even tho we spoke and tried to be okay, it was awkward. She had, admittedly, done something really nasty to one up me... and a couple of folks came down on her. "Friends dont do that to friends." So enough is enough and my hand and heart again reached out...

This time, maybe it's time to make amends, all the way around. T and then I had let her know more than once, "we are still your friends, no really, we are" or we could be if she would just forgive herself for that one misstep.

I immediately saw the obit as it popped right up, first thing in the queue.

Melody died December '07 just 3 days past Christmas and 1 day after her 53rd birthday. T and I have both cried uncontrollably off and on this week, for the friend we had lost then, and now, we've lost again, for good. Nobody knew she was sick. Nobody knew anything and they still don't. We have had the unpleasant task of calling other friends and letting them know. Shock is not the word.

The day after the news, the next morning, we found tons of photos we had packed away. And I thought you might enjoy seeing her in some of these terrific hand made costumes she won so many awards for. She was a big movie hound and took great care and pride in her work.

If you had seen her in person, you would have known why... she sparkled. Even when she wasn't in costume, that gal sparkled.... and for a little while, I wanted her to be seen again. Wanted to recall to new friends the old friend who really was one of a kind...

Five days later, we are to the point where we can talk without feeling wretched over not having had real closure with her. We are each at a place where we know the good times totally outweighed and even were worth the occasional bad time.

Happier posts later, I am sure. But for now, I am still shaken and hope you understand why I must be a bit quiet while Melody still sparkles for a while.
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femminismo said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, Candace. Time will heal. Write down what you're feeling if that helps you - write it down privately to Melody. Her costumes were outrageously good. What an artist and lively soul.

Candace said...

Thanks, Jeanne... I am doing what needs doing and am also making her a piece of art to go on my shrine. It was tough but like you said, time...