Aug 8, 2008

Dog Days

Hello Everyone! It's Saturday, 9 August no matter what the header says... LOL. The more I learn, the more I need to learn...

It was in the upper 90s a couple of days this week and over 100F Wednesday... heat index made it 106F. We couldn't even take a walk with the Girls as it was still 92F Wed night at 11PM. The air was like buttermilk, sans taste.

Speaking of the Girls, Molly is enjoying the Dog Days. Being a Greyhound, she has no body fat and lazes about in the heat whenever possible. Just a big couch potato... here she has just come out from the basement (the office) where it is always cold, I kid you not. Doesn't she look totally groovy on her little plaid bed? She's 7 now. Big girl.

And get a load of Bess with her kong... with all that fur, you know she prefers a cool hardwood surface in front of the tv while I drink Ginger Ale. Bess is such a good girl. We totally enjoy her presence and her hijinks. I call her the Clown Princess. I mean, look at that face!

As for the ginger ale, that is not to cool off. I'm just now getting up to snuff. Haven't been at my best the last two days... I've inherited my mom's tender tum. Either that or I have an odd little niggling virus.

In the meantime however, I also had to work today, Saturday, and miss My Turn taking care of our dad this weekend. I don't like cancelling that especially at the last minute. I will be back on duty next weekend and see Sis's new house.

Yay! On her blog, it looks like a sweet little cottage style home -- I think she will like it much better, all in all. imho...

This Sunday, there will be more artwork and fun jewelry from Kitten. And -- in case you didn't notice, cowboys are and have been on their way! The true American Myth. Long may they ride...



John G. said...

Oh look at the beautiful girls!!!
We are a dog family as well. My partner and I have always had at least two dogs over the last 11 years (we had FOUR at one point). We are considering a Greyhound as our next adoption. Molly looks so wonderfully lazy in that pic! LOL!

Candace said...

Thanks and we also have two rescue cats! (Kids, don't try this at home!) Do mind that greyhounds really are not like other dogs... some are high maintenance, high strung... and some aren't. Good luck and thanks for your kind remarks about Miss Molly (The Unsinkable) Brown and Good Queen Bess.

Stop by anytime.