Aug 10, 2008

Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon

-- or morning.

Hello again!

Do you start weekend mornings with music? Quiet jazz or blues are wonderful esp on Sunday mornings. Music is so very important to me, and I use a lot of it when I create, whether it is art, writing or cooking. Typically, I save the heavyduty fun stuff (i.e., music with lyrics) for those times I am just relaxing, thinking, or chatting with friends while at the same time wisely staying off the stage.

I was listening to "road music" -- you know, Route 66, etc. -- when I started working on these pages first seen here. Yay, a world premiere sneak peek of a new art journal!

Both these fotos are of You Know Who -- one from lo! these many years ago when I was just learning who I was and my place in the world. (Whew, glad I got over that!) The one with the hat is from the Polaroid Instamatic days. As I wrote in an earlier post, the backgrounds are courtesy of the uber-talented Misty Mawn in the July/August issue of Somerset Studio.

That's Bose Chumbe (Boh see Chum bee), which is Dine (Di nay) -- or Navajo -- for "Sweet Cat I Am". Gee, who would have thought the Navajo would talk like Yoda? But they did evidently, according to Etowise, a Dine friend. Bose only weighed 6 pounds but wow, was she feisty.

A real charmer, she could still clean up a bar room brawl quicker than most, trust me. Dogs feared her, cats wanted to be her.

This new art journaling book was jumpstarted by several things I will leave out of this for now. I know all my pictures seem to be of me this week, don't they? Yes, yes, like Frida Kahlo, I am my own best subject matter for as she said, who really knows me best?

On an ironic note, the economy really did a nosedive here this summer as it seems to be doing everywhere. Several shops at the small, local mall are winding down, throwing in the towel and having "out of biz" sales or "this location is closing" notices.

But their unfortunate loss is my fortunate gain. I am only sorry it comes at the workers' expense.

So here we go...

Look at these gorgeous beaded necklaces, each only $2... as opposed to $10 and more. Basically, I was able to buy over $60 worth of necklaces (for the beads, mostly) for $12. Wow, was I lucky today! You will see them again, trust me. And oh yes, I do have plans for the rest of the little darlings. Waste not, want not.

Seriously, books need threads for stitching... and those little books are going to have very colourful signatures and spines, I would imagine. One of my plans is a giveaway here on these pages. Stay tuned.

Let me tell you, just when I think this blog is under control, something goes off the beaten path. I will have to share friend Kitten's jewelry pix when I can find them.... geez!

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Denise said...

Hi Candace! Thanks for your comment on my blog! And now that I've found you, more reading and more 'eye candy' Lovely blog and I'll visit often! Mail me your friend from Cape Town's name, maybe Inspector Carr can investigate :)

Velvet Ginger said...

Very Cool, I love Jazz.
I came from Ms. Creek's blog, and we were nosey...who the heck is John G??? lol

Candace said...

Oh yeah, and he's got some really cool stuff on his blog too! Not the least of which are his opinions... lol.

I checked out your site too, velvet and just thought it was grand!

Have a great one!