Aug 7, 2008

You Can Do It!


Kitten and I took a break from art a couple of Saturdays ago, and made these lovely strawberry treats she had brought to a party once before. And the crowd went wild. A second request sprang -- like Athena from Zeus's head, fully grown and ready for action.

Big humongous strawberries, split and piped with a light but tasty cheesecake filling, sprinkled with chocolate and pecans. YUM. We don't eat like this often, but when we do...

However, here they are in all their splendor Before The Fall, with Me in all my Susie Homemaker (not!) glory. I am wearing an apron borrowed from Kitten ... now presenting for your edification and amusement. And don't forget, the camera adds ten pounds -- never mind those treats!

She also kindly took time to teach me how to make real butter this past weekend, from SCRATCH. One batch ended up being a honey butter while another had herbs in it. So good, and really so easy...! You Can Do It, she said. And no, it didn't take hours. 15 minutes, tops. (Alas, my fridge went out Saturday night -- of course! -- and they were quite sad the next day. So were we, as they were deemed totally unacceptable for human consumption. Thankfully we had had several the evening before.)

I've found some wonderful "art to be shared" backgrounds in the new Somerset from Misty Mawn as well as dribbling out My own... always fun.
And although the Summer Altered Book is going/has gone well, already thoughts turn to Autumn... it even feels a bit "fallish" today, in spite of 90+ degree heat. There is that underneath coolness coming up from the earth as I have a walkabout in the backyard. And that's just fine with
Very Truly Yours,


cynhammond said...

But does it add ten pounds on each cheek??

femminismo said...

I didn't even need to know what's stuffed in them. I knew they were delicious when I saw them! Goodness gracious, mercy me! What sort of hormones are/were those strawberries on? love, love, lovely - femminismo

this is life.... said...

they do look like heaven on a platter...yum!

it feels a little fallish here today, too, even though it's so hot.. perhaps it's the fact that we just went to the little whole foods store here in town to pick up a bag of just picked local apples...they taste just like fall...sigh.
take care.

Candace said...

Well, sis, it sure looks like they've added 10 pounds per cheek, doesn't it? ... LOL. It's getting harder and harder to keep a girlish figure with all these treats around here.

Healing Expressions said...

HI Candace..Those look absolutely to die for delicious! Thansk so much for taking a peek at my new websiteand the hopeful words! I hope you day is relaxing!
Take Care