Aug 21, 2008

How Beautiful A Day

Hello Everyone!

A quick look at The Baby -- she's coming along nicely. Kitten said, "Don't overdo it, Miss Lady."
I hope I haven't and am sure someone will tell me if I have. Will I listen? Uh -- no.

The birds indeed have those jeweled eyes I promised and jeweled flowers await The Baby in the Garden of How Beautiful A Day. I have one of the flowers missing a petal but WAIT! There it is on Baby's wrist... like an invitation. Or a ticket, maybe, or like a retelling of those old faerie tales of crumbs -- or bling!!! -- left on the forest floor for Our Young Heroine to follow and find her own way.

Perhaps I should have made The Baby's dress pink but I don't think This Baby wears pink. You'll see her again in another more elaborate piece called "Outside The Box", and maybe I will put her in pink there...

with this bit here to the right! Say, some punkin, huh?!?

This was a postcard from a Paris gift shop presented to me some years (20?) back on opening night of a world premiere play I helped with. The director gave it to me because she said -- and it was true -- "She looks like you."

You'll see her again in "Outside The Box" also with The Baby (as mentioned) and The Girl (not seen here yet).

Hopefully, all of you have enjoyed this little glimpse into "How Beautiful A Day". And while I myself am not sick or under the weather these days (being simply peevish!), I do know some of you have been and I pray and trust you will be up and at 'em before you know it.

On the other hand, if you simply need a good laugh, go here and/or here. (Forget anything you know about cooking. And forget everything you understand about retirement planning.)

I guarantee you'll forget that there supposedly "ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues", never mind the Who, the Heat and the Tired Tired Trail to November.

And on yet another note -- since I am running out of hands! -- I'll be kicking it Old Skool this weekend and you'll see the fruits (and nuts) of my labor in a few days. Yes, it's still a bit of a secret, but wish me luck anyway!

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femminismo said...

Oh my gosh! You put me (here) with Mrs. G's (here). I feel very special. I love your baby and it's only right a jewel fell into her hands upon entering the birds' little world. You didn't overdo. It's just right. Take care of yourself - and have fun while doing so. - femminismo in Oregon

Candace said...

Thanks femminismo! I am putting this in all its glory after a little clean up tweak here and there in a lovely shadow box which I am fixing up extra special for it.

Get More of What You Love and good luck in that kitchen!