Aug 12, 2008

Let's Get This Baby Off The Ground!

Hello Everyone!

Here are a few in progress things I'm working on. And having a ball doing it. I want and need to get a couple of smaller projects wrapped up before this weekend which will be busier than usual, even though I'm basically doing what needed doing last weekend.

Wanted you to have the first gander at the process I go through sometimes.

I want the baby to look like she has just stepped out of wherever, and entered the world awaiting her. Hope these photos get the idea across and you know very well you will see the finished product when all is said and done.

I copied the baby from an old black & white photograph and made a colour copy of the birds from the circular at a popular food market here. I know, I know. Credit must be given, as if I wouldn't...

A slightly different shot here in this last photo
but essentially the same --

The dress and hairbow will be painted and other tricks of this wonderful trade will show up, such as "jewels" placed in the birds' eyes, maybe, fabric over the flowers... or even a paper dress over the painted dress in the next step.

Really, "The Sky's The Limit"... or is it?

Should it be "To Infinity and Beyond!"?

Maybe I'll let the birds take it away! Let's Get This Baby Off The Ground!

So now, work over, dinner eaten, dishes put away, the Girls walked, I can go do what I really love. Tramp around in my colours and papers, some of that "shiny stuff", paints, wax, buttons, cloth and fabrics -- mmm. how'd THAT happen??? -- relax, read and write! If I am lucky, bed before too much longer.

Later, Candace


michelle said...

looking forward to seeing the finished product : ) lookin good so far. love those colors!

femminismo said...

"'Til the birds take her hairbow away!" I like that. Made me laugh! It does look like this baby is stepping into another world. What a fun idea. I love the birds. Your local market circular is pretty artistic. Thanks for your comments. I'll get busy with paint myself now. femminismo