Sep 3, 2008

Wow, I am so surprised!

I swear the dogwood tree was all green yesterday! I guess today we were finally given notice that really, truly Summer '08 is packing up her bags and soon trundling off to even greener pastures -- New Zealand or Australia, maybe. Or Alaska...

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, class, we will discuss The Javablu Award from Denise. See that nifty little logo over there to the right?
That's it.

Denise has got a fabu blog here or over there (the "Cools") under Bless This Mess. (Mmm... wonder what that means, really??) Check it and the Javablu Award Rules pronto. She tapped me for the Javablu Award and now, it's my turn to tap five folks, link them here for your reading and visual pleasure and who knows what else?

Here's a piece of art I did Saturday night/Sunday morning for an art journal I pull out occasionally. There are some folks who have a problem with my size -- always have, always will, I guess. Here is a quick coloured pencil sketch called "Inside Every Thin Girl is a Fat Girl Trying to Get Out." When T, Melody and others of That Old Gang of Mine first met me, fresh out of college, I weighed 85.

Yes. Pounds. T said if she had had a dollar for every time someone asked her if I was anorexic, like Annie Lennox says, she would have had a pile of money to her chin, her chin, her chin...

The words around Thin Girl are things people have said to yours truly. Don't tell me that you or other people would love to have this "problem". It's not a problem and no, you/they wouldn't. The words on Fat Girl Trying To Get Out are simple. "Shut Up" over and over again and "Please" over and over again.

So, this is how I deal with "tough stuff", so to speak. I draw it out and look at it and process it. I don't even think about it, really, it just pours out of me like some potion. And I get a pretty good beginning to a journal page too!

And now, for something completely different! I am signing out now to go register for Artfest '09 ! HooHOOOOO!



Velvet Ginger said...

Good luck with the art fest! I am sure you will do well hon! Peaches are ripe here too, fall for us means it cools down and we can spend more time outside.
Thank you for visiting my blog. No one has seen my little Pink Floyd kitty, I am really afraid coyotes or bobcats got him.

Ann said...
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Candace said...

Velvet, I am still crossing my fingers for Plink! Eternal Optimist. Kitty Boy was locked in an apartment for a week which is how I came to rescue him. He had a broken hip, and weighed six pounds from lack of food. What the--??
That dogwood tree is going to town with reddening its leaves.
Thanks for your visit and your good wishes re ArtFest.


femminismo said...

The drawing of the fat girl/thin girl is priceless! A great page to add to your journal. - Jeanne from Oregon

Candace said...

Oh Thanks Jeanne! Didn't know how some folks would take it. LOL.
The art journal is coming along, though, willynilly.

Have a good weekend.

Southern Girl said...

Hey, Candace! I'm honored not only your award, but also by your reading and commenting. (: You've been a great inspiration to me! (:

Healing Expressions said...

HI Candace..Thanks so much for your meaningful comment on my post. I love the honesty of your journal page. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't express my own emotions with paint and pens! I was just taking a peek at Artfest myself! What fun that would be!
Take Care

michelle said...

yay! I'll see you at Artfest! I just got my registration back and I'm so EXCITED to get the workshops I was dreaming about! : )

disa said...