Sep 15, 2008

Good News For Modern G.R.I.T.S.*

Hello everyone!

My ArtFest 09 registration and info came in the mail today and wow, am I ever excited. Since I have never been to the Pacific Northwest before and I have wanted to go long before Nirvana made it tragically hip, and now that I am going, to an event I have wanted to make for almost two years, well, I am simply beside myself.

Upon hearing the news, Molly Brown fainted with joy. Okay, she's just sleeping really. But she could tell there was real excitement and joy in Mudville today.

Hope all is well where you are. And if it isn't well, I pray and trust it soon will be.

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*Girls Raised In The South


Southern Girl said...

I love that you're going to Artfest!!! (: I want to hear all about it!

Victorian Lady said...

I love the name Molly Brown! What an adorable dog! Thank you for visiting my blog and have fun at Artfest! :)


Candace said...

Hi there, girls. You will hear all about it, from me and others, no doubt. Just hang out till April 09... how am I going to be THAT patient? LOL.

Have a great rest of week! Thanks for stopping by.

Southern Girl said...

It just occurred to me that we'll probably be reading each other's blogs until we're old ladies. (: How cool is THAT?!!!

Candace said...

Baby, totally! Uh, that might not be so far away for some of us... not me, of course. Just sayin'.