Jan 6, 2009

"Dream Along With Me..."

Hello Everyone!
Are you on your way to a star?

I do love this Fifties song by Perry Como. Hearing it today, I thought how dreamlike it can be here in Blogovia among other artists and craftspersons with all the beauty, hopes and dreams we freely share with one another. I recently "discovered" a great new blog you might enjoy here.

"bloggedy blog blog" comes to us, courtesy of a fun Canadian creative who goes by "Saucy". I caught up with her most recent adventures and thought you would enjoy a visit there with her. I sure did.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch... leave it to T and Kitten to get me caught up -- however inadvertently -- in another artistic adventure. Origami! T's new 365 origami a day calendar is to blame, as well.

When I saw the raincoat, I was done for. I'll have to make another to put on one of my paper dolls. It's just too good and too easy not to do it! (Ahem... sorry for the glare. I found out these origami papers have quite the reflective sheen to them.)

Maybe I will combine these origami works with my usual to the theme for ArtFest '09. Yep, and not a moment too soon to start working on them, as ArtFest is held April 1 - 5. Yikes! Just four months, a scant 16 weeks, from now and I will be jetting to a part of this country that I've never been before. Can't wait.

On an even happier note, Yours Truly won the art giveaway at One Day At A Time. Thanks for the contest and the opportunity, Femminismo. T accused me of rigging that contest! "You never won anything before!" Well, that's true. Since I started living part time in Blogsville and showing off my artworks, I have won two giveaways. Besides the gorgeous scarf from Femminismo, I won an artbook through a giveaway at Suzi Blu a few weeks ago. Incredible!

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Sepiru Chris said...

Great post, Eye Candy, and where does one find a copy of these calendars? Are they commercially available?

Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

I love the little origami raincoat-I have limited origami skills-I can make a waterbomb though-at least I used to be able to! It would look good on one of your little dolls. I enjoyed the blog you recommended-especially her dolls house things and her Sushi made from sweets.
hope you are having a good week. We had a tiny sprinkling more of snow last night.
Oh and well done on your winnings too!

Candace said...

Hi Chris, do you mean calendars for Artfest, etc? I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Artful Blogging, a quarterly mag, which reports on such doings. Also, Judy Wise, whose blog I follow and am linked to, carries a little calendar on hers as she is an active art/teacher in the community.
Hope this helps.
Happy Yourself!

Candace said...

Thanks, Sarah. It's like early spring here, seriously. gakkk! Would love to have snow -- even a little!
I appreciate your visits, everyone.

Velvet Ginger said...

That little raincoat is perfect for your paper dolls, so dang cute! You really are talented, and congrads on your winnings!

Charlie said...

What exactly is your Art Shenanigans?
I guess I'm clueless.
And I don't know what calendar you all are talking about either.
LOL...gee I'm having a hard time here. Help me out.

Candace said...

Nah, I've seen your blog, Charlie, you are not at all clueless.

Art Shenanigans is my term for any type art project or event I go to or that I undertake at My home. I have turned this term into a personal muse... one lady asked me if Art was my boyfriend. LOL!

As to the calendar, I talk about art events that are going on -- like ArtFest in April out in Port Townsend, and I guess some are online and some aren't.

Maybe I *should* do a calendar next. For Me! So I don't confused myself -- LOL.
Take care!

Velvet Ginger said...

Thank you for the lovely New Year card!!!! I love it & emailed you about it!!! Made my day it did!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh - gorgeous little raincoat...could it be made with fabric? Are there real armholes? Your blog is lovely - thanks so much for visiting!