May 13, 2009

Self Portrait 13 May and something new

In the honeysuckle ...

Hello Everyone!

This Craft Porcelain is some fun stuff, recommended by friend Kitten and now by Yours Truly if you like this type thing (at Michaels and at Hobby Lobby, btw). It air dries and has a wonderful feel, texture and malleability. Using it now to do some fun figures -- ! I don't even need the pasta machine for this stuff.

Do More of What You Love,


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I can still smell the honeysuckle that used to grow near my grandmother's house when I think of it. Thanks for the tip on the craft porcelain! :-)

Sarah said...

Watch out for bees on your nose! Nice self-portrait. The porcelain sounds good-what are you making?

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent! I betcha didn't know that Raleigh is the City of Oaks! :-)

Candace said...

haha. No, I didn't know about that nickname, Anne. THAT was fortuitous, eh?
I just made my first little face with the porcelain... and stuck in sparkles for eyes. More on him later!

Take care,

femminismo said...

I forget self-portrait Wednesday. I'd better get in the groove. Enjoyed yours! Could smell the honeysuckle from here. My grandmother grew it also, and gave a start to my mother. Do show us what you've made - jeanne