Dec 29, 2009

And A Happy New Year

Hello Everyone.

A few bits here to round out the old year and help usher in the New. Everything has been mailed and in some cases re-mailed. sigh... This includes a CARE package to Hong Kong. What the...?

AND the Sketchbook Project will be over in a few days, the 4th of Jan to be exact. As soon as its deadline is past, I will be putting up the images/art on the other little blog I have, Candace in Athens. I'll keep you posted, as the saying goes.

Captions underneath the photos and away we go...

"Say Uncle" is the name of this -- 3 x 2 on bristol and in coloured pencils and ink for Travis and his Nephew, Devon, whom some of you may or may not know about. In this shot, Michelle was less than a week away from having this totally great kid. If I had had 0ne of these, I would have wanted one like Devon. T said, "Are those Devon's hands or the Uncle's...?" Good question. What do you think?

An experiment in coloured pencils and Crayolas. Will show the Full Monty later. She's a big girl, believe me.

Getting a leg up on Self Portrait Wednesday. A Fish Eye Christmas Photo from last Friday!

This is a card from the talented Anne Gaal. I had asked about how a dragonfly might look on one of her cards and presto, chango! I can't help it, as much as I love dragonflies, it makes me think of Jeanne over here.

Get More of What You Love. Starting Friday, I hopefully will be "Journaling In January" with Misty Mawn here. Check it out!
Candace in Athens.


femminismo said...

Hi, pal. It's been a busy 2009, hasn't it? Glad to see another fresh calendar on my desk full of available days as yet unpacked. Thank you for your faithful visits and comments. You are the best! Like your man/boy, father/son, uncle/nephew pic AND the "big gal." Can't wait to see the rest. Happy 2010! - Jeanne

femminismo said...

Just read your comments on One Day and Bless WTI. You are such a special friend, truly you are, and a great writer with keen insight and the ability to present it to others in elegant fashion. My life is richer with you in it.

Candace said...

Thanks... and back at'cha, honest!
I think 2010 is going to be just one of the better moments in my life, thanks to folks that are in it like your own self.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I'm so glad you enjoyed your card! Fabulous photo and artwork! Thanks for the kind words, too! :-)