Jan 31, 2010

Arthouse -- Part 2

Hello Again! Yesterday, I gave you a peek at the (now travelling) Arthouse Sketchbook Project 4: Library from Atlanta, Georgia, before it goes to Brooklyn and beyond, ending up finally in the Smithsonian Museum -- somewhere.

While that show was the point of my trip there and back again, another fun and phantasmagoric exhibit was taking place. Called “Chair”, Arthouse Cooperative had sounded the call to do whatever the artists wanted to do with the word and its concept – or construct, as the case may be.

So here are my favourites from "Chair". Hopefully, you can click on the image for a larger view and catch the artist’s name and country of origin. Some were unavailable, for some reason... mmm.

I love black eyed susans. And these just set off the photo with the sheer brilliance of their colour.

Below is Old Sparky from Florida. Can you see the skulls and ghostly faces?

This reads: "Child Of World War II". A hint of the housing developments going up everywhere at the time is just behind the girl. Maybe it was moving day... but, in or out? Was her dad home from the war? Was her mom one of the many Rosie the Riveters, making a new life for herself and her girl? So many possibilities are in this simple black and white photo.

My all-time favourite. What it means, I have no idea and really don’t care. I love sheep and this particular piece made me laugh...
The next two shots are shining examples of this throw-away society we're saddled with now.

Is this gorgeous or what? There was no name or country on this one.

And this cut out from Lucia Serrano of Portugal was such fun. That blue dazzled the eye!

Next to the sheep trio, I liked this one best. The composition and colours were so eyecatching and vibrant.

These chairs had to be shot from a weird angle to work. They lined the rather expansive window sill and weren't even as big as my index finger. I like miniatures and these were super fine.

Say, tomorrow is 1 February. It's time to starting thinking about Valentines!
Have one on me!

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Candace, Still In Athens.


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Thanks so much for sharing photos from the other show at the Art House. Very nice! :-)

dosfishes said...

Some very cool exhibits at that cooperative. I can see that you enjoyed yourself. I love sheep too!
And goats and llamas, but sheep are so sweet.

Sarah said...

I really enjoyed your tour of this exhibition! my favourites are the little boy standing on the chair imagining he is on a pirate ship, the beautiful velvet chair and accompanying things in the field, and those miniature chairs! I love those especially. Oh-and the chairs in the garden with the flowers-love it!
Happy February!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie! I loved the pics you shared with us from the exhibit! My very favorite was the sheep ( I love them too!), and that gold velvet chair looked so comfy, like it should still be in someone's den and not all alone out in that field! Hugs, Paulette ;)