Jan 30, 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project 4: Library

Hello there! Yes, I did indeed manage to get into Atlanta during some rather cold raw weather to check out the last day of The Arthouse Sketchbook Project --

not to mention the last days of The Arthouse Cooperative itself. The gallery is moving to Brooklyn NY pronto! No kidding, in a couple of weeks they have their grand opening, along with the Sketchbook Project.

I snapped this poignant little shot of the gallery's logo, which reads: "and then go north for 896 miles. Thanks for everything, Atlanta!"

Shane said I was the ONLY person who asked about it and took a photo. I think people were just too down in the mouth about losing them... they've done such fun, good things with and for artists -- not just from Atlanta but it seems everywhere on Earth that knows about them.
I tell you -- there's not much sadder sight than a gallery being packed up. But until that time, let's have a PARTY!

The Arthouse Cooperative is/was at 309 Peters Street in downtown Atlanta. I don't know who that clown is.... some poser.

This is the "official poster" for Sketchbook Project 4.

Here are the "how to do this" lists. You had to check out the books (which had their own cards) on Friday night so none would be misplaced or uh -- ahem -- take a walk.

Below are the themes for this year's project, in no particular order.

This fine lad is Shane His Own Self -- one of the owners/proprietors -- looking for Anne Gaal's and Sarah Wallis's sketchbooks for T and me.

Anne Gaal's Sketchbook Project: The Elephant in the Room.

And Sarah Wallis's Sketchbook Project: Outside of Myself.

FYI, Anne's and Sarah's were two of the very few -- as in a handful -- of artists who dressed up the outsides of their sketchbooks. Most folks either left them alone or did as I did (mine is hiding behind Sarah's there) and only added a small bit or put a drawing on the cover.
But as you can see from their works, they totally CHANGED the outside of the journal. Which caused a bit of chatter... good going, girls!

T checked out the entire group of "Outside of Myself", before perusing all of "The Elephant in the Room" stash. We then looked over the theme of "It's Not Easy Being Green" (yours truly) and an intriguing group of sketchbooks with the theme of "Monster".

All in all, there were 2700 books. No way could I have gone through them all even if I had been there for both days. I also took shots of another project going on quietly in the background called "Chair". That's what you see on the walls in some of these here photos. More on those in my next post along with other -- dare I say it? -- eyecandy! smirk...
Michelle and Devon showed up, which was so so appreciated. The way the weather was, I didn't expect anyone really, but sure enough, there was a small but steady stream of patrons. By the way, Devon's favourite Sketchbook Project was Anne's. He loves elephants and had the best time quietly checking out the pages as Mom turned them.

I told Shane "Next year, I'll make Brooklyn for Project 5." He seemed totally stoked over that and asked, "Do you think those other ladies will come, too?" Yeah, how about it, Anne and Sarah? Can you imagine what our Gleesome Threesome could do?
About that tree...! Remember, I was leaving the ol' Holly Jolly Christmas tree up and celebrating everything possible on it this year. Sort of my own "arthouse project".

This is the beginnings of the Valentine Tree. More on that Sunday, 14 February -- which is ALSO Chinese New Year this time out the gate. I suppose I should look for a paper tiger for a topper! And let's not forget Mardi Gras!
Take care, everyone.


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love, love, LOVE all the photos you took! Thank you for going to see the show in person for us and sharing what you saw! How cool! And how nice that you got to visit with Michelle and Devon, too! You rock! :-)

femminismo said...

At first I thought your sketchbook title was "It's Not Easy Being Candace in Athens" but I guess "Green" is in there from reading further on. I love your sweater and the earrings look cool too. Congrats on finishing a book to contribute. What a project! That's a lot of books. I saw the bad weather coming on the weather channel. Wow! Hope all is well and you are on to new projects by now. Great valentine tree!!

Candace said...

Hi Anne, it was a lot of fun, believe you me! I have more photos of the other projects too. They are so cool... I'm sharing them, too.
Thanks for your visit and comments. Much appreciated!

And hey, femminismo, sometimes it's *not* easy being Candace in Athens. LOL! That was a good one!

And that is my favourite in the whole world sweater and I wear it to art shows despite the fact it is coming apart.
Thanks for your visit and it's always good to visit all my peeps' blogs, too.
Take care, Kids!
Your Pal in Athens.

alissa4102 said...

Thanks so much for the report from the gallery. It was great to hear from someone who was lucky enough to be there and handle and look at the sketchbooks. My theme was An Elephant in the Room, so you may have even seen mine! I wonder how many people of the 2700 (wow) had this theme.


alissa4102 said...
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dosfishes said...

Such a cool project, and that poser looked good outside the gallery.
Missed hearing from you...

Sarah said...

I am so excited that you went to see the books-not to mention jealous! It would be so much fun to meet up in Brooklyn-you never know! Thanks for taking all the photos to share with us!
Thanks also for your lovely comments as always-I really appreciated what you said about audiences wanting to like a performer-hadn't thought of it like that but in fact that is how I always feel-fingers crossed for them too!
Off to see your next post now!