Jan 12, 2010

Artists - Journaling in January

Hello everyone.

This week, I joined the first Journaling in January 'task' and am picking and/or making art in the style of 7 artists who have influenced me or who people say my work is like, for whatever reason. Tonight I am showing you one of them for the 300th post. The rest will be in a journal and shared Saturday or Sunday... just in time for the next week's task!

I picked Egon Schiele (pronounced SHEE-la) -- here is one of his pieces. And below it is mine. He saw and knew of war, disease, starvation firsthand and what people did, like it or not, to survive. Some of his artwork is considered grotesque and there is often a(n uncomfortable) sexuality to some of these pieces.

Well, we still have those unpleasant things he showed the world in his art. That is what I consider grotesque, not the art itself. I like beauty in my art and in my life, who doesn't? But now and then comes a photo, a painting, or song lyrics or a book that just stops you in your tracks and makes you think: why is this still going on?

Often Egon Schiele did line drawings, black and white or with some colour, as I do. Often, there is no real background, his subjects just hang in space commanding you to look at them and nothing else. I like that. I like that he was contrary and eccentric and had a big shock of wild hair and lived his life and art like he really did have something to say.
I also have some work over on my Sketchbook Project blog you may (or may not) like. Check it out!

Take care!


femminismo said...

Oh, you continue to delight me with your artwork and the projects you choose to participate in. (oops! poor grammar. too bad.) I like this picture done in your style. There's so much room for experimentation. And sometimes art does depict bad scenes, but it can't always be a happy thing. Often it just has to reflect the awful parts of life (to get them to stop)! - J.

Don said...

If the whole world was free of wars and famine and full of beautiful things where would art be? Seems like most compelling art is sad, confronting or 'ugly'.

Sarah said...

I love this drawing Candace. It is reminiscent of Schiele but so much your own style too. I love her slumped look. I am off to have a look at your sketchbook project work now!
Take care. x

連絡 said...

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom...................................................

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! What true words. I was reading and couldn't help but think of all those people in Haiti, who are now struggling to survive. I hope they don't have to go to the ugly places - I hope we can provide enough support and aid in time.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! I really like YOUR drawing. I enjoy happy art so much more than the depressing stuff. There's so much sadness in life, so I like art to make me happy, and yours does! I'm going to your other blog now...Keep those drawings coming! Hugs, Paulette ;)