Jan 9, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Hello Everyone!

Yes, it really did snow altho we did not get pounded as so many other places did. Here's a tee tiny bit of ice on my upper deck. Look hard, you'll see it. We also sported an inch of powder which managed to hang on through most of the day. My mom would have really stressed over her baby girl not having every inch of skin covered up in 12F weather. I wasn't wearing a jacket either!!!

Say, my next post will be the big 300. And while I do wish it was THIS 300 (speaking of every inch of skin being covered up!), I guess that's impossible unless I crawl into a time machine.

All I can tell you is how I appreciate all you Kids in Blogovia. In two cases I've actually met a couple of My Art Shenanigan Peeps -- the MOST surprising being from my hometown. The farthest I've gone was to the UK, admittedly to primarily visit a coworker who'd moved there from Atlanta -- but since I was there anyway... gee, why not?
And I do so vow to make the next 300 (deep breath) better than the last 300.
Starting Monday evening, every night this next week I will make some type artwork that is all about the artist(s) that influenced me or that I am attempting to 'copy'. The next week of Jan will have me trying out all sorts of supplies for artworks and pieces. And of course, the last week of the month will be, as stated before, all about ICONOGRAPHY.
So drop in when you can! You are always more than welcome.

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beedeebabee♥ said...

Boy Candace, your mom and mine could be real chums! ;D ... and WOW, just about 300 posts, that's a lot! I always enjoy visiting here, seeing your artwork, reading about your adventures, your friends and your animals...and I love that there is always a giggle or two tucked between your words! Wishing you another 301 posts! Thank you so much for your get well wishes to Frank and Spunky Baby! They are both doing better today! :) xoxo

dosfishes said...

300 congratulations...

Seems like everybody got snow, not just us those of us who get it regularly. Looking forward to seeing
your iconography.

Stay warm if you can.