Apr 1, 2009

Is It Just Me --?

Hello Everyone!

Do you ever get urges to just pile your art together -- good or ill -- and share what bits you have? Do you think, "Hey, it's the middle of the week and I've not posted in a couple of days and I have over 30 line drawings -- or whatever -- to place."?

Oh, good. I thought it was just me. I do love my black and white, but am beginning to add colours in all sorts of media now.

Not that I am giving up my favourites, you know.

How I love looking out this particular window, no matter the season. But Spring this year has been especially sweet with the soft silver skies after the 'Blizzard of the Century' here, the heavy clouds bringing ever heavier rain, the blooms, the birds and their nests...
More and more rain, and more and more flowers abound, the trees so weighted down, errant flowers turn loose their hold and float to the forest floor beneath...

Storms are moving through the Classic City again. This makes two nights in a row. I love to lie in bed on these evenings, with a good book, as music from another room drifts in while the rain pours and the thunder rolls.

We buried Fat Frank a few days ago. Just sayin' ... I am sure he's somewhere, stuffing himself --and how! -- on free corn and birdseed, in a place where the sky is forever blue and the sun always shines down on the upper deck.
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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Pretty pictures! Lovely drawings! Sorry to hear about Fat Frank leaving your backyard, but you're also right that he's in a place with all the free corn he could ever want! Down here in NC the pear trees have passed, but the cherry trees, forsythia, dogwoods, and saucer magnolias are in bloom. :-)

femminismo said...

How I love the way you "do" noses! And Fat Frank, gone? Awwww. Too bad. Maybe he ate a bad peanut. You never know nowadays. Best to you - we have sunshine today!! Yay! - Jeanne

Sarah said...

Lovely drawings again. You are not the only one who does that!
Poor old Frank. Hope he is happy in squirrel heaven.
Sarah :)

Candace said...

Thanks for the kind words and visits, everyone! Tune in Tuesday night for a Joke's On Me drawing.

cynhammond said...

Pass the baklava and the peach pie, please and I will have two slices if you don't mind...of both!
I like the dogwood blossom

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! By the way, I like the pictures of the dogwood blossom. This has apparently been a good year for the pink dogwoods down here ... they are positively breathtaking! :-)

Renee said...

Candace I do know the characters of whom you speak and I love how you put that together for me.

The stone will move..... I'm counting on it.

I hope that you are out of limbo now.

Love Renee xoxox